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Car Strut Bars – Practical Bars For Strut Towers!

Why do we say strut bars (also known as strut braces) are the simplest automotive accessory? The answer is it is just a brace with one circle on each end of the brace itself. Yes, just a simple bar unlike a strong side step bar with non-slip pads or a bull bar with fog lights.

A strut brace is a mostly aftermarket car suspension accessory for the purpose of increasing the car's rideability by providing extra stiffness between the strut towers. Car suspension repair plays a critical role in its safety and performance.

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A full set of strut bars normally contains a front upper bar, a front lower bar, a rear upper bar, and a rear lower bar. They work on the same principle. Let's take a front upper brace as an example. The two circles are tied to the top of the two front strut tower respectively so that the front brace connects the towers.

This effectively prevents the shock towers from flexing excessively during cornering. As such, steering responsiveness will be improved and less slop will be caused by the flexing of the chassis. The final effect is to improve the car's ride stability.

These simple aftermarket accessories are really nice parts that are really worthy of installing in your car. The automotive aftermarket offers a wide selection of strut braces for car users to choose from.

High-quality stainless steel is adopted as the material of these parts. Although they are simply designed, fashionable styles and multi-color circles make the braces look good and beautiful.