If you've made the decision to move to a smaller home, should you build it instead of looking for one to buy? Building your own downsized house might give you exactly what you want without compromise. Consider the following advice if this is your plan.

Advantages of building your own smaller house include having complete control over all aspects of the home design and materials, being able to choose that perfect site to locate it, and integrating the latest technologies in energy efficiency.

You can choose your contractor and oversee quality. You can insert some of the things you've always wanted, like a circular staircase, a rooftop patio, a garage or workshop, a deck, or hidden storage. You can browse https://heritagepartners.com.au/projects/ to get more info on downsizing homes.

Disadvantages can be mirror images of the advantages. If you subcontract the work yourself and do not understand the insurance and legal requirements, you can pay fines.

If you do not manage the work properly you can end up with shoddy construction and missed project deadlines. If your design is not carefully thought out you can lose energy savings.

It takes time to locate the right building site. Space inflation along with change orders as you build can cause the square footage to expand and expenses can skyrocket.

Don't be discouraged. If you are confident that a smaller home of your own dream design can work for you emotionally and fit your lifestyle, then don't be deterred.

Think the details through rigorously and then assemble a plan. My advice is draw the home out at the kitchen table, have fun, and then make a list of wants. Prioritize these. For example, "Lots of storage space – 1," Deck space – 3," Loft room – 5," etc. Then find a good home designer. Use the internet and look at their plans

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