Mesh is a foreign body. Thus, its use in inguinal hernia repairs is proven to cause a variety of complications such as headache, recurrence, disease, etc.

We've developed an innovative new method of inguinal hernia repair with mesh. It utilizes your body muscle for repair and provides virtually complete treatment from inguinal hernia issue. You can visit to find out about hernia mesh attorneys.

An un-detached strip of the external oblique aponeurosis is stitched to the feeble area between the muscular arch and the anterior ligament to make a fresh, powerful and physiologically dynamic anterior wall which provides protection and averts re-herniation.

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Normally patient goes home at a day following surgery and may drive the car and visit office in 3-4 days’ time. This operation is currently followed in several countries all around the world.

We're surprised to find that the people from several patients from the developed nations requesting this fix in their nation. This is only because this surgery doesn't utilize any foreign body such as net for fixing and therefore there aren't any complications that are observed in net repairs.

A trip to Topix hernia discussion along with alternative hernia forums reveals tens of thousands of articles showing sufferings of several patients because of net repairs. But why surgeons out of developed nations are interested in net repairs is a significant issue for us.

We've worked on over 1500 patients with superior outcomes. The patient is controlled under spinal or local anesthesia and can be freely mobile in a few hours. 

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