Marketing is important for the success of any business. It plays a key role for a lot of reasons in order to implement growth for a business. There are basically two types of marketing: traditional and digital marketing.

Traditional Marketing – This type of marketing uses old methods like door-to-door marketing, adding expensive ad banners, brochures, advertising etc. In simpler terms, traditional marketing is all about:

  • Advertising via Banners.
  • Advertising via Posters.
  • Advertising via Wall Painting.
  • Advertising via Newspaper.
  • Advertising via door-to-door. 

Digital Marketing – This is the new kid on the block of marketing. Promoting a business, product or service on the internet platform is what digital marketing does.

These are some of the key differences between the two.

  • Communication – When it comes to communication with customers, digital marketing is quicker compared to traditional.
  • Global Reach – Digital marketing helps business to grow globally instead of traditional.
  • Any Place – An individual can do digital marketing from any place like house, hotel etc. PC or laptop with a good internet connection is all it needs.
  • Time – When it comes to promoting a business, digital marketing takes less time with maximum reach to customers.
  • Money – Digital marketing requires little investment or one-time investment. While traditional marketing requires more investment which can be in the form of daily, weekly or monthly basis.
  • Potential – With technology no getting slower, digital marketing has more potential compared to traditional marketing.

Small business digital marketing has huge potential for growth