Sustainability, respecting Australia’s culture and history and appreciating its natural environment is what Australia’s ecotourism is about. Couples who wish to spend their honeymoon in Australia must understand that, regardless of age, they must respect their culture. Here a few best ecotourism places to visit.

  • Ayers Rock –A beautiful and peaceful place in Australia that is home to Aborginal People. When you come here you’ll be witnessing wildlife species like red kangaroos and emus. The view from the rock during sunset is mesmerizing as well.
  • Daintree Rainforest – One of the oldest rainforest to be present in the world, the Daintree rainforest is home to unique flora and fauna that exists nowhere except here. Couples can take a river cruise and witness different wildlife, zip-line through the rainforest or just relax on a secluded beach.
  • Fraser Island –The largest sand island in the world where rainforest grows on the sand is the Fraser Island. Couples can enjoy their time on beautiful sand cliffs, white sandy beaches, cruises and explore other tracks.
  • Tasmania –Many tourists and locals visit Tasmania every year. It is home to deep and long caves along with very old trees in the world.
  • Bedarra Island –One of the best islands in Australia for couples who wish to enjoy their honeymoon. Beautiful beaches, great spots for snorkeling, swimming and scuba diving and exploring nearby surroundings is what couples can get engaged on.

All these eco-tourism destinations in Australia can offer as some of the best honeymoon destinations as well.